Why is a Load Board important for your transport company?

Trucking Industry

A Load Board is important for your transportation company because it makes your life easier if you are a carrier or broker. Read carefully because here we tell you everything you need to know about this tool.

A Load Board aims to connect carriers with suppliers in a simple and agile way always to find merchandise to transport and, consequently, have substantial but stable profits.

How to access a Load Board?

Within the transportation industry, there are so many options for Load boards that, at one point, you can feel overwhelmed and need help deciding which one to choose. That is why you must analyze several options and choose the one that best suits your needs.

Top 10 Load Boards

1. Direct Freight
2. TruckStop
3. DAT Solutions
4. 123Loadboard
5. Trucker Path
6. Convoy
7. Free Freight Search
8. Comfreight
9. Smart Hop
10. Landstar

What device do I need to access a Load Board?

It’s straightforward. First, you must sign in to the website or download the board app you want to use on your cellphone. In most cases, you can choose the device you want to use the tool, that is if you prefer to use it from your cell phone, computer, or tablet.

How to use a Load Board?

After having created a profile on the chosen Load board, what you should do as a carrier is publishing your availability to transport loads so that those who are interested can contact you.

When using a load board, you must know how to differentiate two things; carriers publish on behalf of their cargo, and brokerage firms act on behalf of their company.

Transport brokerage companies or direct suppliers publish on the load board the commodities they need to transport from one point to another, the shipment specifications, the date, and the rate; simultaneously, the carriers can see this information and choose if they can transport the commodities. That is the first step in the negotiation, after which the exchange of contracts, and insurance certificates, among other documents, will begin to be sure that the merchandise will arrive safely at its destination.

What are the benefits of using a Load Board?

Increase the portfolio of carriers: if you are a transportation brokerage company or a direct supplier, using a load board will allow you to access a broader portfolio of carriers. In turn, each load published considerably increases its reach. That is, a high number of people will see it. Segmentations apply, which means you can filter according to the location and type of truck. With segmentation, finding the right person to transport your products and merchandise is easier.

  • Time savings: you will need less time to find a carrier since being able to include details such as the type of cargo, the weight, the pickup and delivery locations, and all the additional recommendations in one place will make it You don’t need to make calls or send emails to manage the process because that way everything would be slower and could even lead to reprocessing or misunderstandings.
  • Cover last-minute or on-demand loads: regardless of whether you already work with defined carriers, there may come a time when more people are required to move merchandise due to the increase in seasonal requests or other factors that may cause high demand, it is because of That is why it is worth having a Load Board on hand to manage these urgent requests.
  • Possibility of choice: using this tool will mean that you no longer choose a load out of discarding or for fear of not finding a better offer, but it will allow you to select recommendations that fit with your schedules and the values ​​of your rates.

Paid and free Load Board

Choosing a paid or free charging board will depend on your business’s needs and budget. Remember that while a free dashboard meets all the essential functions, paying a monthly subscription gives you access to advanced options that will allow you to boost your business.

In summary,

Ideally, you can use technology in your favor; Having access to a Load Board will make your trade much more accessible, and you can have better profits and, therefore, more excellent economic stability. If you still need to use this tool, contact us, and we will advise you so that your transport and logistics business reaches another level in the transport industry.

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