Truck Driver Appreciation Week ‘‘Thank you’’ from UTB Logistics


What is the most difficult of being a truck driver? It is a common question this week. We know your effort to renounce your home comfort and wake up early in the morning, get ready, and start a long ride on your truck. We know you have to wait for long hours in line to pick up or deliver goods, be responsible, admit possible mistakes, missing family moments, and not be able to share time with people you love.

We are thankful for all that with the truck driver and all their families, couples, and sons. We are grateful for the unconditional support; you are the reason for all truck drivers to come back home safe and sound.

Around 6% of the full-time jobs in the US are related to the trucking Industry. Trucking transport hauls about 71% of the raw material transported in the country, exceeding everything moved by train, ship, or air. Facts like these demonstrate the significance of the trucking industry’s contribution to the country’s economic development.

It is predicted that the logistics industry will grow by around 21% by the next ten years. There is an opportunity for all men and women that have dreamed of becoming a truck driver to do their first step, get independent and be the owner of their time.

To all people that have been part of the industry, we want to say ”Thank you”. Thanks for being guardians of the road and giving your best on each trip. Thanks for your responsibility and commitment to haul any load and deliver it on time in the best conditions. Thanks to all of you, our job at UTB Logistics makes sense.

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