Reefer Trucking Services

Reefer Trucking meticulously maintains the specified temperature for your goods, ensuring a constant coolness throughout the entire journey. At UTB Logistics, we understand that the success of any transportation operation is contingent upon seamless coordination, and that’s where our team excels. From planning to execution, we ensure that your goods reach their destination in prime condition. Some goods suitable to transport in a reefer truck include:

Fruits and Vegetables

Plants and Flowers

Pharmaceutical Products

Poultry and Meats

Beer, Wine and Spirits



Dairy Products

Effective Reefer Trucking Services: Reefer 53’, Vented Van ‘’VV’’ 53, Reefer 48’’

Refrigerated Trailer

At UTB Logistics, we ensure safe and controlled transportation, guaranteeing cold storage throughout the journey, maintaining an unbroken cold chain until delivery at the destination.

Why choose our Reefer Trucking Services?

With over 20 years of experience, our team of logistics experts provides invaluable advice and guidance to optimize your business operations.

Expertise in US logistics and transportation regulations enables seamless cargo transport across the US, Mexico, and Canada.

UTB Logistics Ensures Rigorous Compliance: Upholding the highest standards for safety and efficiency throughout your cargo’s journey.

24/7 Support: Whether you need monitoring, a quick call, or real-time tracking of your loads, we’re here for you at any hour.

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