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UTB Logistics specializes in Full Truck Load (FTL), meeting diverse transportation needs, our equipments include Flatbeds, Dry Vans, Reefers, Hazmat Trucks, or other specialized truckload services. Whether it’s a last-minute need or a strategic logistics plan, we are your ideal partner. Additionally, for smaller shipments, we offer expedited services, ensuring dedicated space through straight truck, box truck, sprinter van, or time critical air cargo.

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    UTB Logistics Enforces a Compliance Process to Ensure Quality Standards

    UTB Logistics follows a rigorous compliance process from beginning to end, ensuring the highest compliance rates by verifying the authenticity of the company, its experience, regulatory and insurance compliance. We have a cluster of highly qualified drivers, each with years of experience endorsed by reputable companies. Our commitment extends to verifying optimal physical and safety conditions on the trucks and trailers. Additionally, we count with 24/7 tracking and response system, integrated into our monitoring system, enhancing the overall reliability and security of our services.

    Full Truck Load Services

    Flatbed Trucking

    Dimensional flexibility, easy loading and unloading without size constraints from any angle.

    Dry Van Trucking

    A flexible, convenient, and affordable solution for hauling dry loads.

    Reefer Trucking

    Ensures the safe, efcient, and temperature controlled transportation of temperature sensitive goods.

    Power Only

    Designed to hook on any type of trailers or containers using only the truck’s engine power.

    Hot Shot Trucking

    Rapid transportation for smaller shipments, without needing it to be a no full truck load.

    Sprinter Van

    Expedited transportation for smaller shipments, between one to tree pallets. Dry or Refrigerated equipment.

    Box Truck

    Transportation solution ideal for local or short-distance deliveries.

    Hazmat Trucking

    No matter the commodity, temperature, or transit time, we carry all sorts of hazardous loads.

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