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Welcome to UTB Logistics FAQs, where we demystify the complexities of the logistics and transportation industry. Here, we’ve compiled answers to the questions we frequently encounter. Explore this resource to gain insights into our processes, services, and how we can assist you in navigating the world of logistics with confidence and clarity.

Documentation and Requirements to Work with Us

To work with us, you need the following documents:

  • W9
  • MC
  • Insurance with Certificate Holder in the name of USA TRUCK BROKERS
  • Our setup package completed

If you have factoring, the NOA (Notice of Assignment). If you don’t have factoring, the package has a page of ACH at the end that must be completed and attached with a VOID CHECK.

It is necessary to obtain a ‘release letter’ from the factoring company you work with.

Hiring Logistics and Transportation Services

Most of the time, shippers do not own a fleet of trucks to transport their products. In other cases, some international shippers are unaware of the regulations and legal requirements for transporting goods in the US, and they need an experienced truck brokerage company to handle all the arrangements.

UTB Logistics can assist any company, no matter the size with:

  • FTL Transportation
  • LTL Transportation
  • Courier services for small package shipments
  • Drayage Services
  • Cargo Insurance

UTB Logistics can handle shipments in Mexico, the US, and Canada.

Yes, with over 20 years of experience, we have built strategic partnerships with UPS and FedEx Ground to transport loose boxes and packages at competitive prices.

We are in 48 states (except Alaska and Hawaii), also in Canada, and in some states of Mexico (for LTL Shipments: Mexico City, Puebla, Guadalajara, Querétaro, San Luis Potosí)

The methods of cargo tracking we used at UTB Logistics are:

  • Tracking through electronic logging devices (ELD).
  • Tracking through mobile applications.
  • Frequent communication via phone calls and text messages.
  • We use all the methods mentioned above to track your cargo.

The first recommendation we make at UTB Logistics is that all shipments should be insured. We can assist companies and guide them in acquiring cargo insurance. It is the decision of each business whether to assume the risk of transporting their cargo without insurance.

In the event of an accident or incident, if your products are being transported under the LTL mode, at UTB Logistics, we assist your company in creating the claim against the carrier. It should be clarified that we are not responsible for payments or refunds.

Yes, it applies in some cases and can be up to 40% of the total cargo cost. Additionally, we offer the service of Comchek for lumper payment.

When transporting certain goods, carriers do not mix them with other types of merchandise. Temperature-sensitive goods are ideally shipped as a full truckload in a refrigerated truck. Other goods transported as full truckloads are typically bulk cargo and less-than-truckload (LTL) freight, unlike LTL, where loads from different shippers can be mixed.

The main difference is summarized in that in FTL mode, you acquire a service with an exclusive unit for the merchandise, with direct transit from point A to point B. Whereas in LTL, the cargo is consolidated with others on the same trailer, making different stops in transit until reaching its destination.

USA Truck Brokers helps you effortlessly transport your shipments throughout Mexico, the United States, and Canada. Even if your company is located in Central or South America, you can rest assured. We’ve partnered with several banks to ensure that your international transactions proceed smoothly and without delays. Count on USA Truck Brokers to simplify your cross-border logistics operations, delivering reliability and efficiency every step of the way

We have coverage at all ports and every ramp across the United States, providing immediate availability for your haulage needs. We offer a variety of equipment, including chassis, split chassis, and tri-axle, and handling oversized and overweight loads. UTB Logistics has a solution for each of your shipments. We conduct translating as well as direct shipments tailored to fit your budget and the specialty of your cargo

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